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Virginia Blaser

Before joining VoxCroft as CEO in 2022, Virginia served over 30 years as a senior U.S. diplomat. In addition to postings across three continents, she represented the United States as the acting ambassador to five countries. During her assignments, she led complex teams with project budgets worth up to $1 billion a year. Virginia’s significant diplomatic successes include mediation and negotiation of many commercial, security, and military treaties and agreements. She’s a champion for U.S. corporate success and a recognized advocate for human rights, women’s issues, youth employment, and innovative technology initiatives. She is the winner of dozens of awards in management and leadership, including the prestigious Presidential Rank Award.

With her deep knowledge and significant management experience, Virginia brings VoxCroft to the forefront of positive and impactful leadership in converting the voice of the people into wisdom, truth, and action.

Virginia also serves on the Executive Board of CapeBPO, a South African industry organization that develops the business process outsourcing sector in Africa and trains underprivileged youth for professional opportunities.

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President - South Africa

Barend Lutz

Before co-founding VoxCroft in 2018, Barend spearheaded data-driven sociopolitical and economic open-source intelligence methods and tech in the private, public, and academic landscape. His published work focuses on understanding the new public spaces that are emerging with technological growth. Barend worked for the U.S. government as an open-source media and data expert, where he explored big data and machine learning.

Barend is responsible for the global team that supports VoxCroft’s private sector business development, and leads the tech, blue skies, and data collection departments.

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President - United States

Casey Schmidt

Casey is a lifelong leader and entrepreneur with a relentless drive to empower and inspire people to make a positive difference in the world. Whether it’s delivering the highest quality intelligence for the President of the United States, negotiating peace in the Horn of Africa, or using the power of professional soccer to educate at-risk-youth in Zimbabwe, Casey’s diverse 20-year career is rooted in a deep sense of purpose to solve complex global challenges by listening and understanding people at hyperlocal levels.

For Voxcroft, Casey is charged with building and leading VoxCroft Analytics Inc, the company arm driving population-centric intelligence solutions for the U.S Government. He also is responsible for honing VoxCroft’s AI/ML capabilities and data-driven analytics into powerful intelligence tradecraft that helps clients understand global risk and achieve better business outcomes.

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Population-Centric Intelligence

Find out how we use tradecraft, expert human analysts, and cutting-edge AI to listen to the voice of the people.

Sense & Sensemaking Methodology

See how we use sense and sensemaking to better tell humanity’s stories.


Detect early warning indicators of instability, terrorist violence, inflammatory rhetoric, crime, or misinformation.