Complimentary Report: 2021 Outlook on Disruptive Events - Johannesburg, South Africa

January 26, 2021 · 1 min read

VoxCroft continually monitors disruptive events in various territories globally. Other than providing operational intelligence to decision-makers through the Project Arrow platform, VoxCroft also generates strategic reports on specific topics for customers. This complimentary report analyzes disruptive events in the region of Johannesburg, South Africa. It includes data on protests, attacks against vehicles, and armed robberies.

Attacks against vehicles reported in the Johannesburg region in 2020.
Attacks against vehicles reported in the Johannesburg region in 2020.

Johannesburg experienced an increasing number of attacks against vehicles, political protests, and armed robberies in 2020. Such disruptive events frequently stymied the commercial movement of goods and services throughout the greater region. VoxCroft assesses disruptive events almost certainly will remain endemic in 2021 amid mounting public frustration over COVID-19 lockdown measures, a greater shift towards e-commerce, and continued socio-economic inequality.

Download the complimentary report here.

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